TED Mahogany: contemporary wood dining table

A Work of Art That Celebrates Natural Beauty:

TED contemporary wood dining table

TED  it’s a table work of art that celebrates the natural beauty of wood. Crafted from rare and large Mogano Sapelli wood elements, TED is a unique and unparalleled piece that will impress anyone.

Mahogany tables

Solid Mogano Sapelli Wood – Hard, Durable and Beautiful

contemporary wood dining table
dining table mahogany

Dining table mahogany

The use of solid Mogano Sapelli wood, which is as hard and durable as national walnut, adds to the elegance and quality of TED. This wood’s beautiful natural grain is a feast for the eyes and adds a touch of sophistication.


Beauty table of the beauty of a table

The soft and unpredictable shapes of TED’s three legs create a sense of harmony that is perfect for any space. These generous, original shapes support the magnificent top of the table, adding to its aesthetic appeal and uniqueness.

Solid wooden table

The simplicity of TED’s design, combined with its high functionality, makes it an icon of Italian design. It’s not just a beautiful table, but it’s also practical and easy to use. You can use it to work, dine, or have a meeting.

Perfect for Any Space

TED’s beauty and simplicity make it perfect for furnishing any environment. It’s a piece of furniture that will last for a long time and impress anyone who sees it. You’ll fall in love with it as soon as you see it.

A Table That Conquers Hearts

TED is not just any table, it’s a table that will conquer your heart. It exudes elegance and style, making it perfect for anyone who appreciates the beauty of design and quality of materials.

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