Ted Masterpiece: Wooden tables, Pure solid walnut

Wooden tables

 TED is a tribute to the beauty of Italian walnut. The choice of rare and large solid wood elements underlines the pure and inimitable character of this tree.

wooden tables
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Modern oval dining table – The TED Walnut Dining Table

Discover the embodiment of luxury and timeless elegance with the TED masterpiece dining table. Crafted from the rare Blonde Evaporated National Walnut, native to Italy’s Sorrento Peninsula, this table showcases the unparalleled beauty and durability of Italian walnut.

The particular shape of the piano saves space and gives an incomparable beauty

Italian tables – Handcrafted Perfection

The Art of the Legs

In Friuli, Italy, master sculptors transform solid walnut into the three dynamic legs of the TED table, each piece a testament to individual artistry and the natural beauty of wood.

The Mastery of the Tabletop
Crafted in Marche by artisans of woodworking excellence, the tabletop’s modern oval silhouette is not just a design choice but a statement of innovation, aesthetics, and space efficiency.

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Walnut table top – Built to Last

Superior Finish for Durability

Protected with a high-quality, zero-gloss acrylic finish, the TED table is safeguarded against ultraviolet rays and yellowing. This almost invisible layer preserves the walnut’s natural beauty while offering robust resistance to wear.

A Living Piece of Art

As a testament to its quality and natural material, the TED table gracefully ages, its solid walnut composition evolving in hue over time, making each piece uniquely its own. This feature highlights the enduring quality and living character of the wood.

Why Choose the TED Table

Italian Design and Craftsmanship

Every TED table is a tribute to Italian craftsmanship, from the selection of premium walnut to the meticulous hand-finished details. It’s not just furniture; it’s a piece of Italy’s rich artisanal heritage designed to bring luxury and charm into your home.

Exclusivity and Elegance

Invite the luxury of Italian design into your home with the TED dining table, a modern marvel that bridges the gap between functionality and art. It’s designed to transform spaces, furnishing them with pleasure and celebrating the joy of living.

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