TED Mahogany Dining Tables

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TED is a beautiful and unique solid wood table made of Mahogany Sapelli, with soft and unpredictable shapes that create a sense of harmony and elegance. This table is a work of art that pays homage to the natural beauty of wood and is an icon of Italian design.

It is perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality, modern piece of furniture that will last for years to come. With its unique design and functionality, TED will conquer the heart of anyone who loves beautiful and timeless furniture.



Mahogany Dining Tables- Ted Masterpiece

Italian Dining Table

Italian dining tables are known for their luxury and modern design.

Mahogany Table

Our mahogany dining tables are a masterpiece in solid wood design.

Chunky Wood Table

Mahogany tables are crafted with rare and large Sapelli mahogany elements, renowned for their hardness and durability, similar to national walnut.

Mahogany Table and Chairs

TED, a solid wood table, pays tribute to the natural beauty of wood with its soft and unpredictable shapes, highlighted by three generous and original legs that support the magnificent top. Its harmonious design exudes elegance and style, created by skilled artisans. Ted Mahogany can be combined with the ibsen Mahogani chair of the same quality wood

Artisan Crafted Table

TED is not just a beautiful piece of furniture, but also an icon of Italian design. It is made with rare and large Sapelli mahogany elements, honoring the natural beauty of wood with its soft and unpredictable shapes. The simplicity of the lines and the functionality of the design make it perfect for any environment.

Timeless Artwork

This mahogany dining table is perfect for those who appreciate quality, beauty, and style and are willing to take risks and follow their intuition. It is a timeless artwork that will capture the heart of anyone who appreciates the beauty and durability of solid wood furniture.

Customized for Modern Wood Dining

We always pay attention to the desires of our customers, which is why we are available for customizations of our creations. Greyge is art in motion.

Greyge – A Philosophy of Pleasure in Furnishing – Modern Luxury Tables

Greyge is a new Roman design brand that believes in the pleasure of furnishing through the lightness of shapes and the emotional response generated by lines and colors. All original designs are handmade in Italy to ensure that all materials, lines, and angles have tangible relevance.

Greyge draws inspiration from both architectural elements found in nature and the emotional responses they generate. Their projects are characterized by thin and unpredictable lines that radiate in the absence of gravity, while the surprising shapes are derived from nature, such as roots from the ground.

The combination of steel and wood creates unpredictable nuances that emit a new light every day.


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