Small Apple marble

Design within reach - Steel base and Forest marble

Marble coffee table APPLE is a true work of art, a sculpture that brings elegance and beauty to any living space. The steel base, with its fluid lines and dynamic shapes, is a masterful creation that evokes the movement of water, the grace of a dancing figure.

Thin strip of canvas that is the marble top, is a window to the soul, a reflection of the beauty that surrounds us. The interplay of light and shadow, the subtle variations in tone, all contribute to the table’s ethereal essence.

It is a thing of wonder, design within reach, a creation of art that speaks to the heart and enlivens the spirit.

As you gaze upon the MELA coffee table, you can’t help but be struck by its beauty and elegance. The way the steel base twists and turns, reaching skyward in a graceful dance, is truly mesmerizing.

design within reach
creation of art

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