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The Ibsen Miss modern upholstered dining chairs continues to amaze! After the walnut, mahogany, and oak versions Made in Italy, here comes the beautiful “MISS”! It enters the scene as a true playful and dancing icon. Dressed in precious fabrics, it tries to hide its carefree side but always remains pure joy and happiness. It doesn’t need any further words, let’s leave the performance to it, it has grown now.Try our modern Ibsen Miss upholstered dining chairs.



Modern Upholstered Dining Chairs

Beige Dining Room Chairs

The Ibsen MISS armchair is a unique and innovative creation that showcases the perfect blend of elegance, originality, and joy. It is a modern fabric chair Made in Italy, designed to be a true icon, full of life and capable of evoking a sense of beauty and wonder. This chair is an exceptional piece of furniture proudly made in Italy, with unmatched quality and design.

Modern dining chairs

The Ibsen MISS Modern upholstered dining chairs the latest addition to the Ibsen collection and is already making waves with its stunning design and attention to detail. This chair is available in various finishes including walnut, mahogany, gray lacquer, and white lacquer, all designed to perfectly complement contemporary decor. The backrest of the chair is supported by two steel tubes extending from the front legs, creating a surprising and pleasant rocking effect that enhances the overall comfort of the chair.

Chair Soft

The Ibsen MISS chair was created by Greyge, an internationally renowned brand specializing in the production of high-quality, elegant, functional, and original furniture. Greyge’s creativity and talent are reflected in every detail of the Ibsen MISS chair, making it a unique and precious piece for any setting.

Comforting Chair

The fabric used for the seat and backrest is of high quality, soft to the touch, and offers exceptional comfort. The shape of the chair is designed to perfectly fit the body, creating a unique seating experience. The chair’s metal frame extends from the front legs, creating a rocking effect that gives a sense of lightness and relaxation. This modern fabric chair almost seems to float, as if suspended in the air, creating an atmosphere of lightness and beauty in any environment.

Creation of the Modern Fabric Chair IBSEN Miss Original and High Quality Design

The creation of the Ibsen MISS chair is a true testament to the passion for the beauty of Italian Design, craftsmanship, and craftsmanship. Greyge’s design team has worked tirelessly to create a unique and innovative piece of furniture that reflects their passion for excellence and originality. The Ibsen MISS chair is not just a piece of furniture but a true work of art that elegantly and practically combines form and function.

Perfect for Those Who Love Original and High-Quality Design

The Ibsen MISS  modern upholstered dining chairs is perfect for those who love original and high-quality design. It is ideal for furnishing homes, offices, waiting rooms, or any other environment that requires a touch of elegance and style. The chair’s original and joyful design will undoubtedly bring a smile to anyone who sees it.

In conclusion, the Ibsen MISS chair is an exceptional piece of furniture that showcases the perfect combination of elegance, originality, and joy. It is a modern fabric chair designed to be a true icon, full of life and capable of evoking a sense of beauty and wonder. Its quality and design are unmatched, and it is proudly made in Italy. The Ibsen MISS chair is a true masterpiece that will bring joy and beauty to any environment.

With its unmistakable style and timeless design, this chair is a true icon of modern elegance. Join the enthusiasm and let Ibsen One, like its sisters Ibsen Walnut or Ibsen Miss O, Ibsen Mahogany, enter your design story. You won’t regret it! 💃🪑 #IbsenWalnut #PlayfulElegance #ModernDesign #FurnitureLove


GREYGE is the new Roman brand of design inspired by a passion for visual lightness.

For Greyge, design lives in the details: every material, every cut, every joint has a tactile sensation. Each design piece follows its own vision. In the interplay of objects, lines, color shades, and textures, they orient towards a composition of design in light that fills the environment with emotions. Each original is handmade in an Italian factory. Our.


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