Ted Ash Total Black Diner Table Luxury-Uncompromising elegance

Total Black Diner Table -

TED ASH is a high-quality solid wood table, entirely made of Black Solid Ash.

It is part of the “TED” table line by GREYGE, alongside its siblings “TED Masterpiece Walnut”, “TED Masterpiece Mahogany”, and “TED One in laminate”, enriching the choice of this magnificent table. 

The original and modern design, and the high-quality construction make this table a work destined to last forever.

The legs are a work of art in themselves, with soft and unique shapes created by our artisans by hand.

The beauty of:

Total Black Diner Table

wood and the combination of technology and craftsmanship make this table a timeless piece.

The lightness and cheerfulness conveyed by the branching of the legs create harmony in any space. 

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Total Black Diner Table
ted ash total black table

The elegance of the TED ASH Solid Wood Table is inspired by nature, and GREYGE always tries to imitate and listen to it in its products, both in the minimal design of the shape and in the choice of materials.

The “TED Masterpiece Black” table is available from stock in lengths of 170 cm, 200 cm and 240 cm and can be delivered quickly anywhere.

Furthermore, we are always available to fulfill the customization wishes of our customers.

GREYGE is the sole owner of the original and patented design of its products.

In conclusion,

 the TED Ash table has a very refined workmanship, it is made in various stages, in different parts of Italy by magnificent shipwrights with modern techniques but also ancient wisdom and tradition.

Furthermore, our products are manufactured by certified Italian manufacturers. All materials are reusable. Even the packaging uses recycled materials as much as possible.

Our products are easy to maintain and are emission free produced and certified. The finishes give our wooden elements an extremely natural look and a pleasant touch.


GREYGE, 100% Italian handcrafted design handed down in an excellent line of contemporary furniture.

The table “TED MASTERPIECE ASH BLACK” and can be customized upon request. 

GREYGE is the sole owner of the original patented design of its products and all materials used are of high quality and recyclable.

Furthermore, GREYGE products  made in Italy by certified producers and the packaging uses, where possible, recycled materials to ensure a reduced environmental impact.


In summary, 

the TED ASH table is a work of art in modern design furniture and is a great example of modern design dining tables and modern living room tables.

Thanks to its high quality construction, the beauty of solid black ash wood and the combination of technology and craftsmanship, 

the TED ASH table is a timeless product, capable of bringing elegance and style to any environment.

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