TED CRYSTAL: A Modern and Essential Glass Table Inspired a day at the sea


Enter the world of modern design and discover the timeless beauty of TED CRYSTAL, Modern and Essential Glass Table inspired by a day at the sea. Let yourself be conquered by the Italian craftsmanship and the unique harmony of solid wood and tempered glass.


TED CRYSTAL: A Modern and Essential Glass Table Inspired by a day at the sea

The Inspiration Behind TED CRYSTAL’s Design

TED CRYSTAL is a modern and essential glass table, inspired by  a day at the sea. Its carefully shaped and milled lines create an illusion of levitation, challenging the laws of gravity. The three legs in natural solid wood, rounded and skillfully carved, contribute to creating a harmony of strength and balance in the overall table.


The minimalism and elegance of the design combine with the solidity of natural materials, offering a unique visual experience.

Each piece is made with great attention to detail and respect for the inspiration of the natural world, thanks to the mastery of Italian craftsmen in high-quality furniture-making.

TED CRYSTAL is a work of art that embodies the unmistakable style of Italian design, offering unique and innovative solutions for enthusiasts of high-quality furniture.

The Unmistakable Style of Italian Design

GREYGE TO PLEASURE FURNITURE. TED tempered glass table mahogany legs. The choice of rare and large solid wood elements to create the legs of this table as a sculpture, a true work of art.

TED conveys weightlessness and joy through its 3 legs. Their original bifurcation, together with the light and generous shape a sail of the top, give TED a harmony that conquers any space.


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The soft and unpredictable shapes of its legs can only be made by hand.

TED CRYSTAL’s Materials and Production Process

How the TED CRYSTAL glass table was born:

TED CRYSTAL, in other words, is a unique tempered glass table with an original design, created and patented by Greyge, the sole owner. Made with legs of various essences of noble woods Solid, Mahogany, Oak and Walnut, the glass table is from the original Greyge design.

The processing is carried out in various stages, in different parts of Italy by magnificent carpentry masters with modern techniques in the same way with ancient and traditional knowledge.

The Mastery of Italian Craftsmen in High-Quality Furniture Making

Furthermore, our products are manufactured by certified Italian producers. All wood materials are FSC certified. All materials are reusable. The packaging also uses recycled materials. Our products are easy to maintain and produced and certified without emissions. The finishes give our wooden elements an extremely natural look and a pleasant touch.

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ConclusionTED CRYSTAL: A Modern and Essential Glass Table

“Greyge” is the new design brand from Rome. It designs the colors of emotion. For Greyge, design lives in the details: all materials, lines, and angles have tangible relevance. Each piece follows its own vision. All original designs are handmade in Italy.

The idea is rooted in a strong commitment to the lightness of form and the search to marry the suggestive strength of lines and their flow with the emotion of color. The designs are inspired by both architectural elements present in nature

Discover other  Tables  ,  Lambades  ,  Chairs  and  Armchairs

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