Ted Coffee: A Unique Minimal Coffee Table for Art Lovers

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Ted Coffee, a unique and minimal coffee table, is perfect for art lovers. Available in five different versions, the table is inspired by a day at the beach and combines the lightness of the materials with the solidity of natural wood. Ted Coffee is a true work of art, made with Italian craftsmanship and certified for quality materials and zero emissions.

Both the glass version and the one in olive wood and laminate add a touch of elegance and refinement to any environment, offering a unique and innovative visual experience for lovers of high quality furniture.


We present Ted Coffee, a minimal coffee table, with a unique and minimalistic design, perfect for art lovers. Ted Coffee is available in five different versions, including crystal, evaporated blond national walnut, olive, gray and white laminate. Plus, like all of our products, Ted Coffee can be customized to your specific preferences.

Inspiration behind the design: Sail Crystals

The subtle metallic lines of Ted Coffee bend towards the magnificent and surprising shape of the top. It suggests the sensation of a day at the beach where the play of ropes and sails conveys the feeling of pleasant harmony from every point of view. With a variety of different tops, Ted Coffee captivates with its unpredictable composition that fits many sets.

TED CRYSTAL: A Modern and Essential Glass Table Inspired by the Crystals of the Sails

Ted Crystal is a modern and essential glass table inspired by the shape of a crystal sail. Its carefully shaped and milled lines create an illusion of levitation, defying the laws of gravity. The three legs in natural solid wood, rounded and skilfully carved, help to create a harmony of strength and balance in the table as a whole.

Minimal coffee table

The minimalism and elegance of the design are combined with the solidity of natural materials, offering a unique visual experience. Each piece is crafted with great attention to detail and respect for inspiration from the natural world, thanks to the mastery of Italian artisans in crafting high-quality furniture. Ted Crystal is a work of art that embodies the unmistakable style of Italian design, offering unique and innovative solutions for lovers of high quality furniture.

Ted Coffee Olive – a work of art in itself

The Ted Coffee olive wood coffee table is a work of art in itself, a unique piece that brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home. Its thin and light metal structure adapts perfectly to the shape of the top, creating a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Its versatility makes it suitable for any environment, from the dining room to the bedroom, and its matt anthracite gray frame finish makes it perfect for any type of furniture. This magnificent piece of olive wood is a real beauty to behold. Its unpredictable and unique composition fits perfectly into any environment, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Even the glass version adds a touch of light and transparency to the environment, creating an open and luminous effect.

Certified Italian craftsmanship

At Ted Coffee, we take great pride in the quality of our products and the craftsmanship of each piece. All of our products are made by certified Italian producers, including the Ted Coffee Olivewood side table. All wood materials are FSC certified and all materials are reusable, including the packaging, which uses recycled materials. Our products are easy to maintain and certified zero emissions. The finishes give our wooden elements an extremely natural and pleasant to the touch look. Our 100% Italian handcrafted design is reflected in an excellent line of contemporary furniture.

In conclusion,

Ted Coffee is a unique and elegant coffee table, perfect for art lovers who appreciate quality, modernity and a touch of Italian craftsmanship. Whether you choose crystal, olive wood, or any of the other versions, you can be sure you’re investing in a piece of art that will last for years to come.

So go ahead and treat yourself to Ted Coffee today and enjoy the sensation.

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