Steel and Glass Stilla – The Perfect Fusion 2023



Stilla – The Perfect Fusion of Steel and Glass

Unpredictable Shapes Inspired by Water

A Unique and Italian Design

If you are looking for a high-quality, modern and long-lasting piece of art, Stilla is the perfect choice for you. This designer coffee table is made of steel and glass and combines these two materials in a way that escapes predictability. Its shapes are inspired by water, which flows freely and without rules, just like Stilla’s fluid lines.

The thin steel base of the table creates elegant and elusive lines that rest gently on the ultra-clear crystal. The edges of the crystal are milled like a light prism, allowing the light to slide inside and illuminate any environment where Stilla is placed. The play of light and colors creates a unique and stunning effect that will capture anyone’s attention.

An Object with a Generous and Fluid Character

Although Stilla is a small table, its character is generous and fluid. It has no respect for rationality, but is guided by its unpredictable shapes and the inspiration of water. Every piece is handmade and modeled until its true soul comes to life, and its story shines through.

Let Yourself Be Conquered by Its Elegance

Its combination of steel and glass creates a play of light and colors that will capture anyone’s attention, while its unpredictable shapes and water-inspired fluidity give it a special character that defies rationality. Let yourself be conquered by the elegance and preciousness of Stilla, and add a touch of Italian design to your home.

GRAYGE [greij] is the new design brand from Rome. For Greyge, design lives in the details:

every material, line and angle has a tangible relevance. Each single piece follows its own vision.

All the original models are handmade in Italy and inspired by the passion for visual lightness.

TED is a table that maintains a strong devotion to nature, in a rounded top with a triangular shape. Three legs raise the unique shape to harmonize the strength of the raw material with the pleasure of lightness.

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