The Iconic Art Table for Your Home 2023-Magnificent table

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This table is made of pure evaporated blond national walnut solid wood, handcrafted by the best carpenters, with attention to the smallest details with care and love, featuring a modern and original Greyge design that fits any environment.

We will always be grateful for the love you show in appreciating our efforts, to always create new original products. GREYGE



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A Table for Art and Modern Design Lovers


The Iconic Art Table for Your Home is not just any ordinary table; it is a modern design icon and a timeless contemporary work of art, created by a designer with a profound knowledge of cinematic art. The table’s shape adapts perfectly to your home, making it a beloved addition with its minimalist character that complements any style in your house. This is the centerpiece of your home, with a solitary yet profoundly shared character, capturing the beauty of sculptural opera and encapsulating the arts of cinema, music, and poetry.

A perfect table can change the dynamic energy of your home, and that is why the Iconic Art Table for Your Home is designed to provide pleasure and beauty. Our Ted style is unique, and there is no table like it. It goes beyond the stereotype of a table that is merely meant to be used as support. It is an original creation, more than just a table, but a genuine work of art that combines artistic expression and practicality.

Quality Materials and Artistic Design are essential in Ted’s creation. We use blonde evaporated national walnut, a particular endemic variety of the Sorrento peninsula in Italy. We carefully select only the best quality materials and take great care in choosing the combination of each element. Our skilled Italian craftsmen with generations of experience in working with solid wood create this table by hand, using traditional techniques combined with modern design to create a true design icon.

The Iconic Art Table for Your Home is made to last, and due to the quality of materials and the care we put into creating it, our Ted table has an incomparable price when compared to similar tables. For now, we are offering this pure solid walnut table at a price that is accessible to all, even if it limits our revenue. It is part of our philosophy to offer magnificent objects at a real accessible price.

We provide free shipping throughout Europe, and the price you see is the final price, with no hidden fees or charges. The Iconic Art Table for Your Home is an honest product of passion and love. Our main goal is to offer pleasure, and we believe our first gain is a satisfied customer who is happy with their purchase. We are always available to personalize our products and offer assistance during and after the purchase process. You can always have direct contact with us at GREYGE TO FURNISH PLEASURE +3384511793.

Quality Materials and Artistic Design- with the TED table by Greyge.

Crafted with rare and high-quality wood elements using expert Italian craftsmanship, this contemporary design masterpiece is a concentration of elegance and joy that will last over time.

Its unique three legs with an original fbifurcation design make it a must-have for every environment.

Choose from different versions, including “TED Masterpiece Mahogany” and “TED One in laminate”, or the black version called “TED Ash NERO”.

With its refined minimalism, the TED table will become an indispensable piece that perfectly integrates with character and discretion.

Experience the pleasure of furnishing with Greyge and the TED table.

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